What is GET ?

GET is a mobile app available in the Android Play Store. It allows an user to earn rewards for viewing ads and installing other applications amongst other things.

How Do I download the Application on my Mobile Phone ?

Android Phones (All Mobile Operators) :-

All Android users in India can download the application from the Google Play Store. Users will just need to go the Play Store and search for Get Rewards. Once you have downloaded and given the necesarry permissions, GET will be installed in your Android phone. You will be able to see the GET icon on your screen.

Java, Brew, Symbian (Only for Tata Docomo Subscribers) :-

Tata Docomo users with Java, Symbian and brew handsets can download the app by sending the mssg to 52323 (toll free). Once they send the mssg, they will recieve a link that will enable them to download and install the GET app.

How Do I use the GET app ?

Registration :-

Once Installed, you will need to click on the GET Icon on your screen and follow the given process

1. Fill up the registration page with information required. This information is only for our records and will not be used for any other purposes
2. Once your registration is completed and accepted by the system, your application will sync for the first time. This may take a few minutes

Now you are ready to use GET

How do I earn Rewards ?

You can earn rewards by the following methods.

View & Earn

You can view 2 types of advertisements to earn rewards

1. Pre Call Video – While making an outgoing call you will be asked to watch ad to earn rewards. On selecting this option, an advertisement will play for 15 to 30 seconds. You will earn displayed number of points on the completion of the call that will follow the Pre Call Video (Please Note : You will also get options to go to next ad or inventory while making a call. This may include Videos as well as other actions such as downloading of apps etc)

2. In App Video – You can go to the home page of the app and view featured videos. The number of points mentioned below each Video will be added to your kitty

Install and Earn

You can go to the home page Install and Earn Section. You can download the featured apps on your handset. On successful download and usage (conditions apply), you will earn the displayed number of points for the respective apps

Click and Earn

You can go to the home Click and Earn Section. You can click on the featured ads that will further take you to required destinations. On successful click and destination visit, you will earn displayed number of points for the respective click

Refer and Earn

Please go to the section titled 'How do I refer my friends and family to earn rewards?' below for further details


We may feature other sections from time to time. Please keep referring to the FAQ page for more

How do I redeem my Points and for what ?

You can redeem your points for Recharge or Cash. Following process needs to be followed –


On the requisite number of accumulated points, you will be able to buy recharge from the application itself.

To do that – Go to menu and then to Redeem. The value of recharges available will be displayed in the Recharge section along with the points required to purchase the same

All you need to do is to click on your required option. On Clicking, the screen will display a box in which the number to be recharged will need to be written down. You can input your own number or any other ten digit prepaid mobile number that you need to be recharged. The application will do the rest. Your chosen number will receive balance immediately.

Balance points, if any, will remain in your account and be displayed likewise

Processing fees and services charges if any will be levied by your respective mobile operator. GET doesn’t have any liability of the same.

Wallet (Cash)

Go to menu and then to Redeem. Select the Wallet option. You will be required give in a few basic details to enable your M Rupee account.

Once your M Rupee account is enabled. You can simply transfer your points to cash by clicking on the requisite option feature in Wallet.

Balance points if any, will remain in your account and be displayed likewise

Please note

  • You may need to download the M Rupee app from the Google Play Store or from the link http://bit.ly/1zs3Zog
  • You may need to complete further formalities legally required to open a M Rupee account. More information is available at https://www.mrupee.in/mRUPEE/

How can I refer my friends or family to download GET. Are there any special rewards for doing so?

The link to share this great application is there on the right hand top corner of the home screen. You can further go to the menu option and select the Refer section.
We may run special reference schemes from time to time.

How long will my points remain valid for redemption?

Your points will remain valid as long as you go on using the Application. Your points will be forfeited only if you have not used the application to earn any points for 90 days or more. So its preferable that you continue to use the app and redeem your points within 90 days of last reward.
Please note that currently points once forfeited cannot be reinstated.

How do I refer my friends and family to earn rewards?

The Process:

Please use the Share button on the top right hand side of your home screen, or, the refer section in your menu bar. Your Menu bar will be on the top left hand side of the Home Screen of GET. Once you use any of the methods mentioned such as SMS, E Mail, Hike, Whattsapp or any other share mode available, your friend will recieve a message with a link. He will need to use this link to download GET app. Once downloaded, your friend will need to register himself. At the time of registration, he will need to input the special REFERAL CODE he has recieved in the message. After registration, your friend will need to use the application at least once by viewing an ad / downloading an application / clicking on a banner, for you to be eligible to earn rewards.


Please note that completing the registration process, but keying in your unique Code is a must for you and your friend to earn rewards. There will be no rewards if the correct code is not input during the registration process, and if at least one action as mentioned in previous point is not carried out

Unique Code:

You can know your unique code from the body copy of the messages that you will send to your friends. It will be an Alfa Neumeric 6 character code. Eg. ABCD01. You can save this code and further send it to your contacts normally through electronic or verbal means.

Points :

There are no fixed reward points. No of G Points for both your friend and you will depend on the announcement made through push notification on any specific day. The same will also be displayed in the shared message.


All users of GET from any operator is eligible to refer their friends and family for this program. However, please note that former users of GET who have used the application in the last 6 months will not be eligible to be referred. In such cases both parties involved (you and your friend) will not earn any rewards.

Points Credit :

Both you and your friend will be eligible to earn reward points in this program (as per the available rewards on any specific day). All reward points will be credited within 72 hours for completion of referal process

Troubleshooting :

In case of any doubts or questions, please write to help@getrewards.mobi along with your phone number and details. We will surely reply with solutions

How to change/update your mobile number?

To change/update your mobile number, please follow below steps -

1. Clear data from your mobile application settings -> GET application.
2. Switch off your mobile and place your new SIM at SIM slot (slot 1).
3. Switch on your device, then click GET icon and register with the new mobile number.

Note – Gpoints if any available in present registered mobile number will be deleted in 90 days. Please Redeem you GPoints before switching to other Mobile Number.

Usage Trouble shooting ?

1 .Will GET work on any mobile Network?

Yes. GET is an Android application that will work on any mobile operator in India

2.Does GET work on Wifi

Yes. GET will work on Wifi as long as registration and acceptance has been done with a valid mobile number by the user

3.Can I change my Registration details?

Of course. You can visit the ‘My Profile’ section in the Menu and update or edit the required fields at any time

4.If I have a dual sim phone, which slot should I use to download and manage GET

You must always use the SIM in primary sim slot (sim slot 1) to download and manage GET. GET may not work effectively from the secondary sim slot

5.I have a Post Pay number – Can I use GET

Of course. GET can be used by any Post Pay or Pre Pay user. The requisites are ..
1. He has to be from an Indian Mobile operator within India
2. He has to have an Android phone (for users other than Tata Docomo)

6.As a Tata Docomo User, I used to get instant minutes on viewing apps. Can I still continue to do the same ?

Yes you can. If you are a Tata Docomo Subscriber you will continue to get instant minutes on accumulation of every 5 points.
These points can be earned for any of the actions you take inclusive of Ad view, App download or others.
In case if you don’t want instant redemption and want to continue accumulation of points, You will need to
a) Go to the menu
b) Click on Settings
c) Click on Reward Mode
d) Select Point Option

You are ready to accumulate points

7. I have not received reward points for taking a particular action. Why?

A minimum set of criteria have to be fulfilled so that you are eligible for points. These are as follows :- Ad view :- Each advert has to be viewed completely to be eligible for points Also, please note that if you are not on a data connection at the time of viewing the advert, your points will reflect only after you come back to data connectivity.
You may need to sync your app, once in data connectivity, for the points to reflect

App Install :-Each app install will be governed by a set of conditions like the following
1. Should be the first install.
2. Should be used for a minimum time .
3. Should not be uninstalled from your mobile for a period of time

Therefore, please note that there may be a gap of time from 48 to 72 hours before the points reflect in your Point summary.

8.How will know how many points are there in my balance ?

The number of points that you have collected will be featured on the bottom left of your application screen. To know the details of the same, you will need to visit points summary in the menu option on your app screen.

This menu option will be to the top left of your app screen

9. I have not received points in spite of fulfilling all criteria

Please write with your mobile number to help@getrewards.mobi. We will investigate and revert with a solution as soon as is possible

10.I am not being able to see ads or apps on my mobile

Please sync the app by clicking on the GET icon once in Data coverage. This will refresh the app and update it.

11.I have just ported my number to another operator. My application is not working. What should I do

Please go to ‘My Profile’ option in the menu and change your operator details

12.Will the Application work on National Roaming


13.Will the Application work on International Roaming


14.How many rewards are available in a day

The number of points to be earned in a day is dependent on available inventory and can change from time to time

How do stop or deactivate the application ?

Since GET is not a subscription based service there is no need to deactivate it. It is a Free to download app. If you want to remove the application, you can uninstall the same.

For any more queries please write to us at